School Zone

New Changes:
5% GST on all prices
6% PST on rentals

Grades 4-12 Program

Plan your school’s trip to Table Mountain today! We have a totally renovated kitchen as well as a new addition to increase our seating capacity.

All schools MUST pre-book. Book your school early to make sure you get your preferred date and come join the excitement at Table Mountain!

The following information is provided to help you complete your registration forms. The registration forms are provided below on this page. If you require further details or to book your school please call us at 1-306-937-2920 Ext 0.

*Please note: The school program is designed for grades 4-12. It is not offered to K-3. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

2017-18 Rates  Skis  Snowboards
Lift Ticket $10.00+GST ($0.50) $10.00+GST ($0.50)
Rentals/Helmets $11.00+GST & PST ($1.21)  $18.00+GST & PST ($1.98)
Lessons $8.00+GST  (0.40) $8.00+GST ($0.40)
Full Package $29.00+Taxes ( $2.11) $36.00+Taxes ($2.88)
Disabled Lessons
Ski or Sled (Must Pre-Book) $30.00 + GST/hr
Please Note: Each student is required to take a lesson.
Helmet Rental ONLY: $4.45 + GST & PST ($0.55)
Please add GST to all prices and PST on rentals.
Tubing Day Pass With Lift Ticket
 RATES INCLUDE GST $12.00 $7.00
Height Restrictions: You must be at least 42 inches (110 cm) tall to ride in the tubing park

Teachers & Chaperones

  • One complimentary lift ticket and rental is provided for every ten students in attendance
  • School rate applies for chaperones not covered in the complimentary allowance
  • Lessons are not required but are available at a rate of $8.00 + GST
  • These items will be included on the school invoice

Hours of Operation

Chalet & Rentals – 9:00am – 5:00pm
Lifts: 10:00am – 4:30pm

Get Started

1. Download School Information Package – This includes all paperwork that you need to get started on booking your school trip to Table Mountain.

2. Share information with students and staff members. Arrange for chaperones to join you on your trip. Click here for our kitchen prices list to share with students and chaperones (2017-18 prices are currently being reviewed and updated).

3. Print the following TWO forms as separate pages & send home with students:

  • Parent/Guardian Legal Consent Form (intact original signed by parent/guardian must be submitted to front counter rentals staff by the teacher in charge). DO NOT CUT THIS FORM.
  • Rentals Info Form (students must have these before entering the building – please hand out on the bus)

4. Fill out and submit a School Group Lesson Form online (one per school)
*Use the Parent/Guardian Legal Consent forms that students have successfully handed back to you.

5. Fill out a School Signup Sheet online (one form for each class/grade attending Table Mountain)
OR download a printable School Group Lesson Form here and a printable School Signup Sheet here, fill out and fax (1-306-937-3688) or scan & email to

IMPORTANT: To enter a new school signup sheet (another class, grade, etc), please open a new form AFTER you submit AND print your form for your records. DO NOT submit the form and then type over top of previous names. Instead, click on School Signup Sheet listed under the School Zone tab in the main website navigation.

• If you would like more information for students, the Canada West Ski Areas Association has put together a Safety Guidelines booklet: Download CWSAA School Guidelines

Thank you for choosing us and we hope you have a great visit!